"See How Easily YOU Can Make Your Own Costumes!"


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"Step-by-Step video instructions on creating

the best looking Costumes you"ll ever wear"


Take some fabric

make a pattern
  fabricclip.jpg patternclip1-w.jpg
sew together
or glue together
  sewclip.jpg glueclip.jpg

and in about an hour, you get this!!!!!

(extra time needed for belt)



 If you can sew…GREAT! If you can’t sew a stitch…


If you’ve got a pair of scissors, a kitchen table and can take a few measurements… you’re ready to go!

Step-by-Step video instructions walk you thru the entire process!

Volunteer for the next school or church play.

 Become the School or Neighborhood “HERO-MOM” creating custom-fit costumes for

School Plays, Theme Party’s or just for fun!


Take an everyday shoe and make

shoe or boot covers that velcros on & off

shoeboot-w.jpg elf-shoe-w.jpg


100% Money Back Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose!


Watch sample video on how to

make a Princess Hat

Watch video to see how to tie a picture perfect bow

Wouldn't it be nice to spend LESS MONEY once and have


YOU CAN...right now and for a lot less than you might think!

ONLY $7 will get you our introductory Video Lesson

"Angels, Devils, Wizards and Hags"

Which will walk you step-by-step through the entire process to make

Witches, Sorcerers, Angels, Devils, Nun's, Princesses, Tinker Bell and much more.

It incudes a version for sewing together or gluing together, you get to decide.

For way less than the cost of one cheap throwaway costume, you can download the secrets of a Hollywood Pro. Use it year after year!


And as an added bonus, you will get a

BONUS accessory video lesson on "How to Make Belts"

Learn how to make straight and shaped belts and corset style belts.

a $10 value!


Also included FREE is a video on Costume Extras that shows how to add speciality trims and fringe and how to add a layer or make a vest.

I understand I'll get Video Lesson "Angels, Devils,Wizard's and Hags" and much more, and that I can download it immediately, for a low one-time payment of $7.00.

Plus Bonus video on "How to Make Belts" and

Costume Extras that shows you how to add different kinds of trims, add layers or make a vest.

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It's backed by a full 100% money-back guarantee - if I am not happy, I'll get a 100% refund!


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